Good thing that Baby MiH is cute | Le Challenge {Sewing}

Monday, 14 April 2014

Beware this post relies a lot on Baby MiH making his T-Shirt look good. And even with a lot of pouting, it is still looking a bit weird on him. I am however loving that at 16 months, he does not mind wearing whatever I put on him without too much drama queen action (and he has some good actions believe me)! 

So this month's theme for le Challenge was bright - and honestly it was easy, and who knows why I did not start anything before yesterday. I heard a song about 'bright stars' on the way to nursery and it made me think of the gorgeous fabric (I love that fabric) I bought for Baby MiH from Ma Petite Mercerie - and then came back the crazy idea of sel-drafting a Tshirt for Baby MiH. 

Action baby - and yes it is 6.30am and he is pouting...
Everything that could go wrong probably went wrong - except that it actually fits him and it looks like a T-shirt, which are surely basics to be happy with!

Check out the shoulder pads as if it was the 80s! - extra fabric, and heavy stitching did that.. Also, you cannot see it, but the sides are not symmetrical - all very wonky. 

I had the right idea with the stitching, I think, but the actual coming together is not that great. 

Look Maman I can see myself in your phone, I am just too cute!
But he still loves me... And I promise I would make him a better version of this. I was very careful with the cutting of the fabric to make sure I had some left for another one - ... Better search the net for a proper pattern, drawn by people who know what they are doing. 

Hope you had more luck with your Le Challenge, and, I will just add a new Tshirt to my to do list and may start on the next Challenge as soon as the theme is out tomorrow...  

Books, books, books

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A reading post... I am traveling quite a bit at the moment, and these are probably my only 'finishes' - except for Wool, but honestly I tried, really tried to finish it- but I just couldn't.

Before I go really into it ... you need to read this book. It is a very tough topic, but dealt with in the most unexpected way, and it talks about perceptions and the parameters you are brought up with.  

I picked this one at the library because of its title - I expected something fun and light. WRONG! OMG, I could not have been more wrong. One thing you need to know about The First Book of Calamity Leek is that you will not understand the first chapters. I thought it was my English, and then I checked on goodreads in case it was not. And everyone was saying that they had no idea what had been going on either in the first chapters but that it was worth carrying on with. And it was. The book lacks some details sometimes, but it is an amazing book. But beware the topic is tough. Sorry I cannot really tell you more. Oh, also,you will probably get it faster if you are based in the UK.

So I did not finish this one.. I did read 180 pages of it, but there were still 400 pages to go - in small caps, (and another 2 volumes), and I just could not face it. I am one of the few ones who did not like it, they say it is the next Hunger Games - I personally never got into it. 

Life is good in the silo. The people are friendly, food is plentiful, healthcare is readily available when needed. Those in charge are democratically elected and take their office on the top floor. A skilled IT department keeps channels of communication open throughout. And the whole silo is kept ticking over by the engineers in Mechanical, deep in the belly of the Earth. Just one look at the screens projecting video images of the bleak, uninhabitable landscape outside, and the inhabitants of the silo know how good they've got it. There are always some crazy folk who question this from time to time. How did the silo get here? What exactly is out there, out of view of the lens? These ungrateful dissenters are punished by being cast out with a woolen cloth to clean the cameras so that everyone else can continue to enjoy the view - fated to certain death. But one day sheriff Holston, the sensible and much-respected warden of the silo, joins the dissident ranks and chooses to go outside. This sets in motion a chain of events that shake the foundations of the entire community.

Another Musso - I got it out of the library (yes it also has a few French books!) because I needed to go back into a genre I knew after spending 3 weeks on Wool. It is a romantic thriller - a typical Musso, and it felt good to be in safe hands. I read it within a week, and I was happy.

This is the one I am currently reading - as it was a hit in the 52 books challenge. This is the first volume - out of three. The main character has just entered the Game - but has not yet really 'played'. It is intriguing, I am not gripped yet (maybe I am just a picky reader) but maybe the Game really needs to start in earnest. 

Any good read your end? I reserved Karen Perry ('The boy that never was') at the library, following watching a good review on French TV. 

And can I just say, I am SO glad that our library system in Hertfordshire mean that I can reserve any book from any library in the network! If you have a similar system, it is definitely worth using it - especially if your house is already full of books like ours!

The back of it | WIP {Knitting}

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

am so happy to have finished the back of this jumper. That was a lot garter stitch - even with the strip in the middle. 
 And it is my first time shaping the shoulders.. I am not sure whether this a good move or not (better be, because I am not re-knitting this back). 

Yep, it is plain, no matter the angle I am taking the picture from. But that means that the boring bit is over and done with, and let me tell you the front is pretty exciting. Better getting  on with casting on then. 

Linking to Small Things and Tamis'Amis today.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bye-bye March, Hello April! 
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And the winner is

Saturday, 29 March 2014

And the winner is Helen!! I sent you an email and all I need is your address! Congrats!

Pin Obsession | WIP {Knitting}

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

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This is probably the third version of this project.And I think I am now happy with the number of stitches - and potential width, the yarn used (well the combination) and the stitch I am using. it is clearly a not complicated design, but I have in mind this pin (OMG, I am obsessed with that pin)- and I have just spend time to replicate that scarf in that colour - and it is wide, seems quite thin and it is not a simple ribbing. I think I got it, and to be honest right now I am sticking to my decision. 

All I need now is for this (future, maybe a long time away) scarf to grow. To be fair I have given myself the tools to make it grow fast - two strand of yarns and 7mm needles! 

I know the colour is not exactly right (despite Mr MiH and I spending an hour trying to work it out) - but I love it. It is a combination of Cascade 220 Superwash in Straw (870) and Drops Kid Silk in dark brown (15) (both quite good value options). I got them from the Wool Warehouse which is a fab (UK) yarn online shopping site - good value, quick to deliver and the site is easy to naviguate (and no, they don't pay me to say this). 

I seem to be going through a phase of easy knitting projects. I am sure I will go back to more intricate lace patterns soon, but with SO many amazing TV shows to catch up on (last night GBSB as baby MiH woke up 15 minutes into the program, House of Cards, Death in Paradise), this is ideal! 

What are you knitting at the moment, linking to Small Things and Tamis' Amis today. 

$3,000, really Isabel, really? | Inspiration {Dressmaking}

Monday, 24 March 2014

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to win a skein of TFA Mulberry Silk and knit your own beret*

Edited later: Sorry there are so many amendments to this post since I wrote it this morning!! SO this top is available in Europe for EUR 230.00 and not $3000 as I saw it on Net-a-Porter in the morning, it changes to $334 by 2pm (hence the trail in the comment box). The fact remains that it is still cheaper to make your own version (so no excuse people!). So I amended the post for those who have seen the morning version to reflect the new pricing. Phew - the editing is nearly as big as the actual post!!  

There are a few reasons why I am keen to improve on my dressmaking skills - one of them is to able to recreate some items of my favourite fashion designers, for instance Isabel Marant, and save some pennies in the process. 

I love Isabel Marant's style (I knitted my first jumper because of her) but I cannot afford her items (well maybe one if I am on a serious shopping spree), unless she does a collaboration with H&M. 

Pattern: from Burdastyle 04/2014; 
Fabric: Fredo Linen (latte not that keen on ecru): The Fabric Godmother or 
Probable modifications: ruffles (see my tutorial here) and shorten the sleeves
to be honest my main issue with the Burdastyle top is its length, so I would have to lengthen it, no one wants to see my stretch marks
Top: You can buy it on NaP

So let's do the maths...

Hmmm.. I am sure you could even invest the money you would save into a sewing course!

I already wanted to make the top when I bought the current issue of the BurdaStyle magazine (one of my favourite issues). Well, I just want to have/make it, like now!! Even Mr MiH will be impressed!